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Whispers from Space

24 July 1973
I am currently an Environmental Specialist for the State of TN. Been here longer than I care to admit, but it's stable. My job is mostly about helping people and the environment... so I think this is more or less where I am going to stay. Plus it has enough interesting variety to keep things interesting... occasionally.

I also enjoy going to Rennaissance faires, usually in costume now that I have made one (and yes, I can sew though I can't say I can cut a straight line :P). I also now have a beautiful sword... as a birthday present from the woman who is now my beautiful wife. Yes... I am now very happily married to witchcat07. Hehe, I would have put that up first, except I wanted to follow the previously established narrative of info. Here's to online relationships! Sometimes they do come true :)

I also am an avid gamer and can easily be accused of living a fantasy life... I've branched out lately from the D&D I have been playing for some 18 years, but D&D is still my primary game. Hey, need some kind of escape from the cubicle farm :p I am also a fencer (and some say that might also be an escape into a fantasy life... people say all kinds of things :P) with the Cumberland Escrime fencing club. Actually, I'm also the armorer (keeps track and care of the equipment) of said club. I use all three weapons (foil, epee, and sabre) though I feel I am worst in foil. I am currently an E rated fencer in epee... though that is likely to downgrade soon as I haven't renewed it. I also compete in sabre. I might be able to do ok in foil, but haven't gotten the equipment for it yet.

I cook quite a bit and it's also been a downfall of enjoying to eat what I cook :P As a result, I'm often attempting to lose weight, but rarely in a serious manner. Which doesn't work all that well.