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DragonCon... the final day... - Whispers from Space
DragonCon... the final day...
Hehe yes, I can hear the cries of FINALLY out there from you all :P Bleah :P

Ok, the final day of the con... and it remained a pretty packed day. First off we got up and pretty quickly packed everything up and put it all in the car. Grabbed breakfast at the really great continental+ breakfast setup the hotel had. Mmmm... juice, waffles (toaster or fresh cooked in the iron), bagels, muffins, etc. Hehe, I made sure to stock up well on all of this cause it was the surest and largest supply of food to be easily had during a con day :P

So anyways, we headed up to the con area and first went to see Levar Burton. He was conducting a panel that morning and it had been placed in one of the large rooms because he is a pretty big draw... very definitely as the room was well packed. And he's a cool person! The questions also covered the gamut of Levar's accomplishments, from his start in Roots to Star Trek and a lot of questions on Reading Rainbow. Cause it wasn't just about the Sci-fi aspect (though the panel was set up by the Trek Trak). It was about Levar as a person. Which was really brought home when one person got up to ask a question and took Levar a picture that he had brought with him... a picture of a shared relative. So here was a potential cousin that Levar didn't even know about and bringing him a picture of some of his relatives from a time a ways back. Levar was quite happy with the picture and recognized some of the people in it and let us know he planned to share the pic with his aunt, whom I think was pictured. I think it was a 70's or earlier era picture too, so it was a part of Levar and this boy's past... pretty cool! Another cool thing is Levar knows his status allows him various opportunities to help in whatever way he can and he does so. Like some of the research he is taking part of with some hospitals to essentially develop a prototype of the Visor... which the researchers have decided to call the Geordi. What can you say... Levar is awesome! Also, he has taken to directing more than acting, though he sometimes does miss the acting as well. One thing though that he mentioned was Stan Lee, yes, THE Stan Lee, has approached him to be the director of the first of a hoped for series of ten movies that will be created as the Stan Lee legacy. It will be 10 films featuring never before seen superheroes and will be a series called Stan Lee Presents... I think Levar said filming begins this fall... That will certainly be something cool to look forward to! And at the end of the panel, Levar got up and led about half the audience in singing the first part of the Reading Rainbow theme :)

After Levar, we went to my friend Marie's panel. She had managed to talk the Tolkien director into giving her a spot, especially when someone else canceled. Her panel was on the Silmarillion, often considered one of the more difficult books to read in the Middle Earth saga. And well... it is essentially a history book with all the background and beginnings and so forth that led to the War of the Rings. So her panel aptly enough was entitled "Silmarillion for Dummies" :P In it she offered some tips for how to keep track of everything and also tips for making it easier to actually read the book. Things like photocopying the geneology charts at the back, having the Complete Guide to Middle-Earth on hand, writing out a timeline, and taking it maybe a chapter or two at a time. After that, she did a sort of skimming overview of the entire book, with some short readings to show the language that Tolkien used to illustrate the scene. Very well done panel :) I did have to slip out in the middle unfortunately... but that was because I was going to meet the person who bought the sculpture and make sure he picked it up :) He was there right on time and so with that taken care of, I dashed back to the remainder of the panel.

After Marie's presentation, we went to see someone I had been planning to catch all Con long, but something else kept coming up. And I chose her over seeing the Firefly crew too... which I had also wanted to see, but just couldn't fit in :P It was Anne McCaffery... someone whose books I had been loving for a long time... well before she started in on the series of books that essentially brought an end to the tale started in Dragonflight... the first book of the Dragon Riders of Pern. Her son Todd McCaffery was also there and he has become a co-author with his mother in some of their later books. Hehe, he even had a panel about it called "Playing in Someone Else's Sandbox" :P But anyways, what this panel was was a reading of the rough cut of a their next novel called "Dragonfire". Ok... so maybe sitting and listening to someone read to you isn't that thrilling, but then it was so cool to watch when Anne was going along and then stopped, reread a passage, and reached for a pen to correct it :P Hehe, I suspect its a line Todd wrote and hadn't gone back to correct yet cause he knew it needed editting, but also knew where the correction was needed :P And it already sounds like a very cool and intruiging book :) Primarily about the Holdless and a plague going around. Also a mute boy seems to be central to it as well...

We had considered going to see the 501st Stortrooper brigade, but sort of missed that... just sort of :P They had been everywhere all Con and then going up the escalator we got caught by the full column going up the other way and sort of trapped... cause who is going to push through 50+ Stormtroopers in full armor? :P Well, ok some of them did and then the rest of us managed to sort of edge around the side. And they were pretty polite Stormtroopers as well, so it was all cool :) We also wandered through the second dealer's room which contained a lot of similar stuff as well as the Walk of Fame which contained some 30-40 various movie stars and other celebraties that for one reason or another weren't giving out free autographs. We saw Peter Mayhew for sure here. At least I was able to recognize him right off :) He was huge! I also spotted Eric Etabari (a very, very cool looking guy from the Witchblade series. I think I modeled a character after him cause his look was so striking). We didn't actually enter the Walk of Fame, but there were a lot of people there... and many I had heard of or once I looked up who there were, recognized their characters (like Virginia Hey, Ray Park, Kevin Sorbo, Lorenzo Lamas).

After this, we went up to catch what was to be the finale for us. Caught the MRAP (The Mighty Rassilon Art Players) production of Romeo and Ethel, the Pirate's Daughter. It was hilarious!!! All kinds of strangeness and jokes and take offs from Pirates of Pinsance (or however you spell that!), Romeo and Juliet, and more :) Hehe, I can't even get into what all went on... just glad witchcat07 caught most of it on tape... she missed the very end though due to the tape running out :P

So... after this very enjoyable ending, we headed back to the art room and packed up. Carried it all to the entrance of a hotel, I went and got the car, and off we went back home. DragonCon was just an awesome blast of fun... and something I certainly would do again :) So... now that I am caught up with this, I can talk about the moving experience. Though hopefully that will be much shorter :P

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