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Rain dripping on my parade...

Or at least the yard. And just as I had started trying to mow early this morning... *sigh* Hopefully will get to it later this week. At least I got the garden tilled and tomatoes set in it. They seem to be doing well. Will need to replace the seedling I put in the upside down planter as I think it got damaged in the transfer and just seems to have not taken to it at all well.
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A post of random posting

Not really much to say currently, even though a decent amount has been happening. The TN Ren Faire was a wonderful as always :) Great to see friends that we typically only see there. Took lots of pics that are mainly posted on the FB. During the middle of it all, got rear-ended on the way home from work and the car is deemed a total loss, but they are offering me a decent amount for it. And my aunt was just deciding to put her car up for sale (83 Buick Park Avenue) so that actually works out for me. Also working on refinancing the house for lower monthly payments, though not increasing the lifespan of the loan and arranging to not have a big closing cost settlement. Got a room booked for a quick trip to the KY Ren Faire next weekend. Am currently avoiding mowing the yard as despite it being cool out, it's rather wet and threatening more rain... Not easy to mow under those conditions. Also need to get the garden tilled and plants in the ground rather than in pots. But again... haven't had a chance in several weekends to do such. Hopefully weather will let me try sometime soon.

Also trying to find someone to hand off our Sheraton rooms for DragonCon to. I contacted them first and got a rather funky reservation and then managed to get a more suitable one at the Westin, but kept the Sheraton one in case of need by friends. Unfortunately, all the ones I knew of off-hand are no longer going so hence the hunting for someone to hand it over to.

Anyway, back to your regular wasteland :P
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Ok, yes, a post. Been some time. Currently waiting on pepper soup to finish. Should be... interesting.

New computer is working quite nicely :) Had to get a new keyboard and mouse for it to avoid hitting the touch pad all the time. Plus I think I like the standard keyboard better than the laptop keyboard.

Kitties are doing ok. House is still standing. Taking kids to zoo tomorrow. So keeping active and having fun :) And next weekend, birthday trip for Oropher in Chattanooga! And then soon after that... It's Faire season!
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And it comes crashing down....

Well... ok, so it doesn't crash. Much. But been having computer issues, mainly in having to run a full system scan any time I wanted to play Guild Wars 2. Which is very annoying. So been looking at new computers, laptops specifically. A friend of mine uncovered this really nice refurbished i7 quad core computer that I am really, really eyeing. In the meantime, I am backing up files in preparation for a system wipe and reformat that might clear some issues. *crosses fingers*
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*knock, knock*

Yep... still works. *kicks the sputtering engine some* Just not had a lot to say. Don't have access through most of the day to here and when I get home, rarely feel like posting. Why FB has been just as neglected :P

Anniversary was fun. Went on a Mystery Train trip on a 1950's style passenger car with the TN Central Railway Museum. Then saw off BiL as he was deployed overseas. Expecting more family down this weekend, though haven't heard anything from them so beginning to lay in other plans.

Speaking of plans, laying in for AL3P :)

And currently not feeling terribly well. Bleah...

2012 Ghouls at Grassmere

Had fun with the niece and nephew last night at the Nashville Zoo Ghouls at Grassmere :) Ended up an interesting mix. The niece was a cool Victorian vampire (very cute!) and the nephew was Spiderman. To complement them, Witchcat was a Steampunk vampire hunter (though she didn't need a stake) and I was Doctor Horrible. After all... superheroes need a supervillan :P Even though Spidey is not my nemesis... my nemesis... is Captain Hammer. Captain Hammer, Corporate TOOL!

Ahem... anyway, here are pictures from the evening :)

Pic spam!

Sorry I haven't been around much. Been having fun on Guild Wars 2 and simply not bothering with most any social media. But, things have been going fairly well. Been doing quite a bit of different things. And as such, I have pics :P

First, on September 29th, I had to fill in on fairly sudden notice for Vince as he had been told he had a gig to perform at when he had planned to take his son on a train ride. As he couldn't get out of it or reschedule, I took the nephew on the trip. It was part of the Tennessee Central Railway Museum weekend excursions and this one went from Nashville to Watertown and back. We had quite a bit of fun on the trip as you can see from the pics.

Yesterday was a pretty full day. We did some shopping due to sales and just needing some items. Then went to the Nashville Zoo briefly to pick up tickets for next Saturday's planned trip to the Ghouls at Grassmere event. Since we were there, headed over to check out the Clouded Leopard cubs and tigers :)

Then it was on to Mount Olivet's Cemetary Tour. It is one of the oldest cemetaries in Nashville and we are guided around to various points in the cemetary where reenactors portray various historical figures from Nashville history, usually near their gravesite. Our friend Sailingwest played Selene Harding Jackson, someone she talks about in her regular job at Belle Meade Plantation :)

Then at home, we "convinced" the kitties to try out a Halloween collar/costume. Surprisingly, they endured it fairly well and we got some cute pics :)
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(no subject)

Yes, a post. Sorry it has been so long, but I am bad about coming on here much anymore. Though I do still prefer it to FB in that if I want to actually write something, I can and it won't immediately be buried (as badly) under an avalanche of other posts :P

However, on the flip side, I haven't really had a great deal to say in a while. I mean the person that things happen mostly with is witchcat and she already knows so I don't need to post to her about what is going on :P

So let's see about some things that have actually gone on:
1. Cats are doing fine. Fionna has quite a bit of matted fur that I have been working on as best I can when I can tackle her and pin her down :P
2. House is still standing. Haven't done much work on it lately because it's just too hot. Though need to go mow this afternoon once it starts cooling off again.
3. Travel: Dragoncon approaches!!!!!
4. Gaming: Started our new campaign yesterday (and into early this morning :P). Using a system we wrote ourselves. Was quite fun! Also, next weekend Guild Wars 2 begins!

To my friends that have had troubles in their life, I am sorry that I was not more prompt in hearing and offering my condolences and sympathy. I wish you better days ahead.
Ren Faire

Much fun :)

Thank you to all the well wishes from various people for my birthday yesterday :) It was indeed quite fun, even if I did have to work yesterday :P And locked my keys in the locker at the YMCA and had to get them to cut the lock off...

Got some interesting loot :) Including Manos: Hands of Fate! :P Thanks SittingDuck :) Also, Doctor Who episode 7 The Sensorites (way back in the William Hartnell era), a book on making cat toys, a book on knitting cats :P, a few really nice shirts, a Ray Stephens CD, and a gift card to :) Which is very nice since I am likely needing to get a new mask for fencing foil in competition since the rules changed.

And this weekend is Nuit's sister's wedding and he and Oropher are coming up. Woot for party weekend :)